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Maverick was a creative social media app that gave young girls the opportunity to respond to challenges from influencers, artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other empowering role models. I served as Maverick’s visual designer, creating a variety of Gen-Z-aimed digital graphics and illustrations.


Social Media

Working with a Social Media Producer, I helped organically grow our Instagram account from less than 200 followers to over 2,000 in the span of three months. Our social media is targeted at Gen Z girls.

In-App Challenge Cards & Promos

Maverick's main screen features a combo of video challenges and stylized text challenges for girls to respond with pictures or video. Working with the Director of Content I design challenges that blend the existing UX/UI with our social media design aesthetic to create brand cohesion. Once Maverick’s app was redesigned, I focused more on “advertisement”-style promos on the home screen that promoted incentivized challenges where users could win a prize.

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Stickers and Cover Photos

One of Maverick's most-used features are stickers used for responding to challenges. I've created dozens of girl-focused stickers as well as unique profile cover photos. Additional illustrations can be found here.

(*Photos used with permission, I swear)