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Part of what makes me a designer is my editing eye. I am a self-taught designer, and one of the ways I practiced was redesigning things I saw in my every day life that I knew I could make better. This became more fun as I grew my skill set, and I began this section as a blog dedicated to a new year’s resolution to do one a day. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to keep the project going (and blogs are a little outdated at this point, IMO) so they remain as case studies.

Redesign #7 - Tidy Fairy

I've gotten into a really good groove with my freelance work lately, which is honestly a miracle. Between my regular job, freelancing, these redesigns, and other miscellaneous work, I'm pulling 50-60 hour weeks of design every week. But I want to try and post these semi-regularly so let's get started!

I've been working on another redesign for a cosmetics company, but it's been a little slow without feedback and I'm feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities for branding. One of the major drawbacks of these blog posts is that I don't have a client to communicate with and get feedback or edits on my designs. While it's really great to give myself the freedom to take a design wherever I want to, client feedback is (most of the time) so valuable and can help guide inspiration.

A couple weeks ago a random account liked one of my pictures on Instagram. I glanced at their profile, loved their aesthetic, did a little digging, and stumbled upon Tidy Fairy, a de-cluttering and organization company. 

It was founded by two women who aspire to organize a space into someone's dream room. "Whether your problem area is your closet, your kitchen, or your whole home, Tidy Fairy is here to help you to declutter, get organized, and build a home the supports your life & reflects who you are!" their website reads.

I loved their website but was immediately inspired to make something better, that reflected their unique service and branding. 

I've been on a website kick lately; I just redesigned my company's website ( and created websites for web series that my friends created (, 

So for this redesign I redesigned the Tidy Fairy logo and website, including some sample blog posts.

This post is the perfect example of a brand that just needs a designer's touch and a quick spruce. The current website and logo is a great base and just needed to be cleaned up.

Tidy Fairy's current website can be found here: and my redesign can be found here:

Alicia Rosa