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Part of what makes me a designer is my editing eye. I am a self-taught designer, and one of the ways I practiced was redesigning things I saw in my every day life that I knew I could make better. This became more fun as I grew my skill set, and I began this section as a blog dedicated to a new year’s resolution to do one a day. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to keep the project going (and blogs are a little outdated at this point, IMO) so they remain as case studies.

Redesign #5 - Taylor Swift Print

Happy hump day!!! *60 camel emojis*

Today's redesign will be one of my own! I currently have a couple redesigns up on my website, but this one is brand new that I finished last night.

I started my own Etsy shop last year, and not to toot my own horn, but it's been pretty successful. My Cristina Yang quote was featured in a BuzzFeed post (#4) around the holidays and I've received a ton of custom orders.

When I first opened the shop I only had a few prints in there, but my first was a Taylor Swift lyric quote. I had recently started teaching myself Adobe Illustrator and had started to master the elusive *~pen tool.~* I'm terrible at illustrating people, especially facial features, so I decided to create a minimalist design without them. The results turned out well and I started getting a few more orders.

From the Taylor Swift print, I started expanding on the illustrations - making them more detailed and adding more color. From this, my Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey prints were born.

Anyways, back to the Taylor Swift print. I've been noticing that my older prints aren't getting as many hits, so I decided to redesign the TS print to be more in line with the Grey's prints.

First image is the original print, second is redesigned Taylor Swift, and third is more tweaks to the face, and a redesigned quote.

I'm a self-taught designer. My major taught us some light Photoshop and I didn't even learn how to use the pen tool until junior year. I love doing these redesigns, but it's just as fun to look back at my old work to spice it up.

More to come!

P.S. - (Shameless self plug) My Etsy shop has a ton of cool stuff, and I also do custom orders for gifts, business cards, resumes, invitations, and logos. If you need something done, feel free to reach out!


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