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Part of what makes me a designer is my editing eye. I am a self-taught designer, and one of the ways I practiced was redesigning things I saw in my every day life that I knew I could make better. This became more fun as I grew my skill set, and I began this section as a blog dedicated to a new year’s resolution to do one a day. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to keep the project going (and blogs are a little outdated at this point, IMO) so they remain as case studies.

Redesign #3 - Priscilla's Coffee & Tea

Alright, alright, alright. Starting to get on a roll here.

So far I've done a menu and some business cards, so let's take a turn towards web! This was actually something I did for shits and giggs during my last semester, so this wasn't even really made for this challenge.

I spent my last semester of college in LA with my friends, taking my last classes and working a couple internships. Ithaca College has a satellite program in Los Angeles, since our film school is wildly popular and everyone wants to move to Hollywood to make the talkies.

Naturally, one of the first places we discovered was a coffee shop that was around the corner from us in Burbank, called Priscilla's. 

Fun fact: Chris D'elia is a frequent patron of Priscilla's. 

Another fun fact: Chris D'elia's father is Bill D'elia, Producer of HTGAWM, Ally McBeal, and Boston Legal, and ALSO an Ithaca College alum.

Anyways, Priscilla's is great. Good coffee, lots of seats to do work, and cool books/gifts around the shop. But their website is ugly AF. It seems like it hasn't been updated in a while, so I took it upon myself to give it a total revamp, including a new logo to satisfy the hipster coffee drinkers in Burbank.

The current Priscilla's website can be found here. 

I mocked up the first 2 pages just to put on my website, but you can get the *~full experience~* of my redesign here.

Obviously this is just a rough draft, and doesn't even address most of the pages found on their original website, and the prices are completely made up. This was created using a Wix template, but even using a template on a user-friendly site like Wix would require tons of hours replicating and redesigning the site, so cut me some slack.

I think this is just a nice way to show what the Priscilla's website COULD be, if a certain someone were given cash money.

More to come!


Alicia Rosa