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Part of what makes me a designer is my editing eye. I am a self-taught designer, and one of the ways I practiced was redesigning things I saw in my every day life that I knew I could make better. This became more fun as I grew my skill set, and I began this section as a blog dedicated to a new year’s resolution to do one a day. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to keep the project going (and blogs are a little outdated at this point, IMO) so they remain as case studies.

Redesign #2 - Array of Style

Hey y'all. Things have been a little crazy lately, so I haven't had a chance to post my latest redesigns.

This was another redesign that I completed SO long ago. My friend and I went on a spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego, like, a month ago. We had been wanting to get out of LA for a while, and we both finally had the weekend off.

We booked a hotel Friday afternoon and set off the next morning. The trip was basically everything I needed and more. 

We walked around the Gaslamp Quarter, got brunch, bar hopped, saw the harbor, and even got some work done. I wish I had still had more pictures, but unfortunately my phone was stolen last week. *side eye emoji*

Anyways, while we were there we found the cutest coffee/gelato shop to sit in and get some work done. By some, I mean we were literally there for 4 hours. I added like 5 new prints to my Etsy shop and my friend worked on her web series.

The shop had a community board with a bunch of business cards, flyers, and postcards and I grabbed a bunch to redesign.

One that caught my eye was a business card for a personal shopper and stylist. I figured the cards must have been created through a template on Vistaprint or something like that, because the design was unoriginal and poorly printed (in my humble opinion). Providing a unique service like this requires that you leave a good impression, and your good taste should translate to your brand and anything you give out.

I think I'll be sending the link to this to the business card owner. I loved working on this redesign, I've never made a business card for a wardrobe and stylist consultant before!



Alicia Rosa