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Part of what makes me a designer is my editing eye. I am a self-taught designer, and one of the ways I practiced was redesigning things I saw in my every day life that I knew I could make better. This became more fun as I grew my skill set, and I began this section as a blog dedicated to a new year’s resolution to do one a day. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to keep the project going (and blogs are a little outdated at this point, IMO) so they remain as case studies.


So for New Years, rather than creating a cliche resolution, I decided to embark on a personal design journey.

As a designer, I spend most of my time looking around and critiquing every piece of visual material I see. Whether it's a flyer for a business, a menu at a restaurant, a logo, a billboard, whatever's there, I'm judging it. 

Usually while I'm judging the typeface at the coffee shop, I'm thinking about how I would make it better and redesigning it in my head.


Starting this year I will be redesigning a piece every time I see one that I think could use a spruce. When I first thought of this challenge I wanted it to be a daily redesign, but between my full-time job, freelance work, and the fact that I spend roughly 2 hours a day in rush hour traffic, I've amended the project to keep my sanity in tact.

Plus this is more of a personal journey anyways, so who cares.


I have to redesign something preferably every week, if not more, and post the before and after results. Bonus points (awarded by me, in the form of lattes) if I send the redesign to the owner of the original piece.

Naturally, I'm sure there will be days I miss, in which case I'm sure I'll come up with a valid excuse and will make it up by designing two. (maybe)

I've been thinking about this project for a while, and I'm excited to get started! If anyone has any suggestions or submissions (because I know so many of you are reading this) let me know! 

As always, stay away from comic sans, kids.